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Supervisor e-Learning Level 1

Course Description

This AASW and ACWA  endorsed e-learning course focuses on essential knowledge and skills required for new or inexperienced supervisors working in the human services profession. The target audience is human services, social work, allied health & other professionals with no supervision experience, and less experienced supervisors wanting more knowledge & practical guidance. This course equates to 20 CPD hours.



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When you have completed this
course, you will be able to:

  • Practice the foundational skills of a supervisor
  • Understand what constitutes effective supervision, and
    the problems associated with supervising poorly
  • Use supervision to improve your supervisee’s skills
  • Apply reflective, solution-focused and adult learning
    frameworks to supervision
  • Understand a ‘State of Being’ approach, which places
    relationship at the heart of supervision
  • Establish your authority as a competent and trusted
  • Engage in purposeful and structured supervision meetings
  • Use practical tools to manage challenging supervision
  • Effectively manage boundaries, places of tension & ethical
    issues in supervision
  • Deepen your self awareness and sharpen your focus as a
  • Understand the accountability and reporting requirements
    of supervisors
  • Monitor your progress through personal reflection and

e-learning features

• Available 24/7 for initial learning or for any time skill refreshment up to 5 months; can apply to extend if required
• Custom made, high quality video scenario displaying skills & knowledge taught in the course
• A high degree of interactivity that engages learners
• Strong skills focus connected to realistic supervision challenges
• Exercises, questionnaires, self-awareness inventories, quizzes, reflective journal, readings, & other content rich resources
• Bookmarking capability so you can start and stop at anytime
• Course certificate provided on completion of Learning Journal

What course participants say:

'This has been an excellent learning experience. Everything I needed was at my fingertips. The quality of the learning resources was first rate. I enjoyed 'belonging' to the Beaumont team for a couple of weeks. I found the scenarios and dilemmas familiar and a good basis for reflection. I felt as if the package had been tailored to meet my needs!' (C...from Australia)

'I found this course to be an excellent introduction to supervision. The resources were a great way to cement my understanding of the course. I can refer back to these resources & readings whenever I need which will be very helpful in challenging situations' (J...Ireland)

'This course has been excellent for my professional development for supervising others as well as being a supervisee – and my clinical supervisor has noticed a difference. It has incorporated both new learning, tools and knowledge and revision on what I already know' (B...from Australia) 

'This was a good way to consolidate my skills since I've had little formal training in supervision but basically developed my style based on the way I was supervised as a SW trainee in the Netherlands; which was very similar. The material was great to re-sharpen my thinking; articulate my own practice and have a lot of practical tools to streamline / document my work and build on it' (S...from Netherlands).

'I hate doing things online but this was very worthwhile. I am very surprised at how much I got out of it. Excellent and highly recommended' (V...from Australia)

'As relative new to supervision this was a great style of learning for me and has been extremely helpful.' (P...from India)

The course material is clear and concise and the scenarios are real issues that I have seen occur in my workplace. It’s so good to see the approach that is used and the challenges each of the people involved face. I have really enjoyed the course layout, and watching the video scenarios.' (D...from Australia)