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Begin an inspiring journey with other supervisors

Supervisor Training Level 1: AASW & ACWA endorsed

Supervision & State of Being

Date: September 19 - 20, 2019
Time: 9.00am - 4.00pm
Location: Melbourne Zoo
Food: Fully Catered

For human services, health & other professionals with no supervision experience or supervisors wanting knowledge & practical guidance and the confidence to supervise competently.

‘Excellent quality, hands on, engaging’

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animalWhat you will learn:

  • The foundational skills and mindset of a supervisor
  • A powerful ‘State of Being’ approach, which places relationship at the heart of supervision
  • How to apply appreciative inquiry, reflective, solution-focused & coaching frameworks in supervision
  • How to have purposeful, structured supervision meetings and conversations
  • Managing difficult conversations and tension in supervision relationships
  • Effective strategies for working with supervisees with a range of learning styles
  • A framework for undertsanding ethical issues and accountability requirements, including record keeping & contracts
  • Strategies for giving effective feedback to supervisees
  • How to establish your authority as a trusted and competent supervisor
  • Considerations for supervision in relation to vicarious trauma

What previous participants from level 1 say:

‘Don't hesitate in doing this program; it was great learning, fabulous facilitation style, highly informative and very practical' • 'I felt energized throughout'  •  ‘Inspirational!’ • 'I thought is was a great blend of theory and practical; Jane is insightful, knowledgeable and really approachable' •  'This is excellent training and so enjoyable’ •  ‘Wonderful. I highly recommend this to all supervisors regardless of experience’. • ‘Awesome facilitation, varied learning, interactive.’• ‘Watching Jane do a supervision session was extremely informative.’ • 'I found the balance of theory with the practical frameworks was perfect' • ‘Fantastic. Everyone should do it’. • ‘I can use these models straight away - thank you!’ • 'Practising asking questions was a fantastic exercise, as well as Jane’s feedback’. • 'I learnt so much and really enjoyed myself working with others in our groups, we bonded so well. I wish I was coming to the next one' •  'Beautiful, calm venue and delicious food' •

Deepen and expand your supervision skills to advanced levels

Supervisor Training Level 2: AASW & ACWA endorsed

Supervision & State of Being

Date: October 2nd - 3rd, 2019
Time: 9.00am - 4.00pm
Location: Melbourne Zoo
Food: Fully Catered

For managers, supervisors, team leaders, health & human services professionals with some supervision experience wanting deeper insight, transformative tools and more than a one model fits all approach.

Please note: Whilst Level 2 assumes that participants have some existing knowledge of supervision and some supervision experience, completion of Level 1 is not a compulsory pre-requisite for attending Level 2.

'Powerful, high quality learning that takes supervision to the next level’

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What you will learn:


  • How to effectively challenge supervisees to achieve change
  • The techniques and approach of a ‘mindful’ supervisor
  • Skills in applying reflective, narrative, solution-focused & cultural frameworks to supervision
  • The powerful role of ‘intention’ in supervision
  • Mindfulness strategies for deepening your self awareness as a supervisor
  • How to differentiate between power and authority and their role in supervision and leadership
  • Approaches to facilitate purposeful, structured supervision with teams and groups
  • Techniques for managing supervision complexity, including performance issues 
  • How to understand multiple intelligences and their role in supervision and leadership within organisations
  • Strategies for assessing supervision competencies and engaging in ongoing evaluation
  • Key components of a vibrant supervision culture

What previous participants from level 2 say:

‘Excellent. A refreshingly different perspective on supervision - brilliant' • ‘Wonderful trainer - the two days were so rewarding and confidence buiding’• ‘Exceptional, experiential learning, motivating, enjoyable, great learning environment’ • The two days really strengthened my leaderships skills and confidence' • 'High quality models and resources, which are so practical' • 'I'll be using these frameworks and tools next week; I can't wait to try them out' • 'Absolutely beautiful and enhanced my positivity and mindfulness in setting up my own practice' •  'Jane is a very genuine and authentic facilitator.' • 'Highly worthwhile and really thought provoking’ • ‘A great extension of level 1 with more takeaways I can apply’. • ‘Spectacular workshop, I highly recommend it’ • ‘Everyone should do it - Fabulous venue & food’ • 'Very engaging, safe & supportive. Jane is so knowledgable, she's an excellent facilitator' •

Master your skills in group supervision

Mastering Group Supervision AASW & ACWA endorsed

Mastering Group Supervision 

Date: August 15th, 2019


Time: 9.00am - 4.00pm
Location: The Larwill Studio
Food: Fully Catered

In response to strong demand, this one-day experiential workshop is designed for supervisors, team leaders & human services professionals with some supervision experience wanting to learn how to conduct ethical group supervision that inspires, enriches and supports all group members.

The unique workshop provides maximum opportunity for participants to engage with concepts & group supervision models, and conduct & participate in group supervision first hand.

'Powerful, high quality practical learning'

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What you will learn:

  • What group supervision is and is not
  • When and when not to engage in group supervision, including different contexts & groups
  • Strategies to effectively manage & interpret group dynamics to achieve positive outcomes    
  • How to facilitate ethical supervision, using frameworks & processes tailored for groups
  • The powerful role of facilitation, structure & norms of behaviour for group supervision  
  • Skills in applying reflective, coaching, narrative & appreciative inquiry frameworks with groups                             
  • Strategies for engaging groups at different stages of their development    
  • What to do “when the group goes wrong”                
  • Key components of group supervision contracts and agreements

What previous participants say about Mastering Group Supervision

'It's very engaging, practical, informative and relevant' • 'Fantastic - a great addition to my tool box, this was really excellent training' • 'This training was really well supported with references, citations and theories; pithy and pertinent!'• 'Fabulous and thought provoking training - thank you so much Jane' • 'Awesome content and well worth doing' • 'A great injection of theory and approaches to running group supervision' • 'Wonderful. This was extremely useful for supervisors' • 'Relevant and insightful training and a very useful opportunity to practice applying different models for group supervision' • 'Fantastic. I got so much out of Jane's group training' • 'Great - there was not too much talking and more doing, which enabled me to stay engaged and participate' • 'You can implement these tools for group supervision with a minimum of fuss'