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Leadership Development

Leadership is a form of being (with ourselves and others); a way of thinking and acting that awakens and mobilizes people to find new, freer and more meaningful ways of seeing, working and living

- Amanda Sinclair

Engagement and commitment come from inspiration

When people are inspired, they are closely connected to and invested in what they are doing. When working with leaders, the conversations we have and the questions we ask, expand and deepen the way you think about yourself and leadership. This is crucial for gaining new insights and awareness,                                                                                                                                                                                

growing your communication skills and feeling inspired yourself so that you can then inspire the people around you.                                                                                                                                                                                 



“Jane is a dynamic and insightful coach and supervisor whose approach fosters a deep sense of clarity and calm. If you have a desire to develop as a reflective, authentic and productive leader whilst sustaining your own personal vitality and well being, I can’t recommend Jane highly enough”. Psychologist

Areas for leadership development include:

  • Collaboration with colleagues
  • Developing a sharper focus on client / customer needs
  • Insight into leadership styles
  • Sharpening business strategy
  • Balancing toughness and empathy
  • Stronger vision for leadership
  • Organizational growth
  • Strengthening negotiation skills
  • Developing a cohesive leadership group
  • Increasing business effectiveness
  • Being a more authentic leader
  • Managing conflict
  • Making hard decisions and actions

Jane Wexler



“I have worked with Jane over the past three years, and during this period have moved from a role that focused primarily on staff supervision to one that now includes broader program management and leadership responsibilities. Supervision and coaching with Jane has been a great support, and has not only improved my professional skills and capacities but also my ability to sustain myself in what is a very challenging environment.
I have always found Jane’s approach to have the right balance of critical reflection and practical strategies and an accessible style that traverses easily between issues of staff supervision and general program management challenges. She is fond of theory, research and evidence and imparts it naturally. Jane has also provided great insight and assistance in understanding organisational culture and dynamics, one’s own identity and values in that environment, and the tools, strategies and communication styles required to navigate it.
Go and see her - she’s great!”

- Program Manager - Australian Red Cross